Want to know more about constructive journalism? 

Check out the following interactive graphic to see how Danish journalist Cathrine Gyldensted and I conceptualized constructive journalism in our research paper, “Constructive journalism: An introduction and practical guide for applying positive psychology techniques to news production,” which was published in the Journal of Media Innovations in 2017.  Click on the apples to access a Google spreadsheet where you can add your own examples of the various constructive journalism genres. Graphic produced by Joshua Smith at Virginia Commonwealth University.


For additional information on constructive journalism, please read:


From Mirrors to Movers: Five Elements of Positive Psychology in Constructive Journalism

     By Cathrine Gyldensted






Constructive News: How to Save the Media and Democracy with Journalism of Tomorrow

     By Ulrik Haagerup






You Are What You Read

     By Jodie Jackson







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