Behind Bars: The California Convict Cycle

I spent most of 2010 in and out of prison … for work, of course. I was awarded a Carnegie-Knight News21 fellowship, which allowed me to complete an in-depth reporting project on the California prison system.


The Children of Chowchilla

The Bay Citizen (has since merged with the Center for Investigative Reporting)

California’s dysfunctional prison system – the largest and most expensive in the country – is producing a growing population of some 200,000 children who are separated from their incarcerated parents.


Tough love for state’s transgender inmates


In the first-ever representative study on transgender prisoners, the Center for Evidence-Based Corrections at UC Irvine found that 59 percent of transgender women in California’s male prisons reported being victimized, compared to four percent of non-trans prisoners.

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Bay Area Living: Should you rent or own?

Oakland North

A house with a white picket fence has long been a quintessential part of the American Dream. While a majority of Bay Area residents live that as home owners, in recent years renting seems to be trending upward in popularity in almost every Bay Area county. Now with the collapse of the real estate market, will home ownership become a fading dream?

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Company town?: History of the Richmond refinery

Richmond Confidential

This interactive project explores the relationship between Richmond’s community and refinery, beginning with the inception of the refinery in 1901.


Residents say neighborhood is safe despite rape

Richmond Confidential

After an hours-long gang rape of a Richmond High School student during a school dance, neighbors near the crime scene talk about their neighborhood.


Point Richmond clockmaker turns clutter into crafts

Richmond Confidential

Steve Kowalski, a 54-year-old clockmaker from Point Richmond, designed the Giants clock that rests in San Francisco’s ballpark and creates timepieces out of found objects.


Music to their mouths

Chico News & Review

“Being the ice cream man is harder than people think. Heat, noise and monotony sometimes make it a rocky road to travel.” This is the first story I ever had published.

ice cream truck